Angeletti Ruzza Design

Family of LED wall lamps, for a double emission diffused lighting. This lamp is especially designed to enlight mirrors. Matt white powdercoated aluminium, with opal polycarbonate diffusers. It may be utilized also as a shelf for small objects.

Technical Drawing
Technical Drawing
30 60 9 11 102 11 11 9 9
  • 30 LED
    2xlinear LED2x10W1000+1000lmdiffused, Up + Down3000Kdimmable 1-10V230V
    80A+44max mirror size:W23× th 2,5cm
    MetalCode/ColorVII LWW 31 white
  • 60 LED
    2xlinear LED2x12W1200+1200lmdiffused, Up + Down3000Kdimmable 1-10V230V
    80A+44max mirror size:W53× th 2,5cm
    MetalCode/ColorVII LWW 32 white
  • 100 LED
    2xlinear LED2x19,5W1920+1920lmdiffused, Up + Down3000Kdimmable 1-10V230V
    80A+44max mirror size:W95× th 2,5cm
    MetalCode/ColorVII LWW 33 white


“GIÒ was born in a simple and spontaneous way. We imagined our daughter drawing a lamp on a piece of paper: a stylized and essential mark, but full of poetic sensitivity. A circle and a red thread, partner of many adventures…”.


We like the search for the new. Among other things, because there are no given rules, but infinite possibilities for charismatic ideas.