Ellisse floor/wall

Federico Palazzari

LED lamp for wall and floor applications, with a marble base on the floor version and with a wall kit mounting on the wall one.

Technical Drawing
Technical Drawing
3° 30 70 138 12 6 12 Ø 2,4 wall hanger 70 135 12 30 12 9 base
  • LED
    linear LED78W7800lmdiffused orientable 2700K dimmable110/230V
    black marquinia marbleELP BNN 21

    aluminium gold polished anodizedELP AGG 31

    80A+orientable, dimmer on cable, base and wall hanger to be ordered separately, cable lenght 5m
    AluminiumCode/ColorELP LNN 21 blackCode/ColorELP LGN 21 gold polished anodized

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